Reflections on Life and Achievements of Soren Bisgaard

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A huge contributor

Author: Lance Mitchell, Created 2010/04/07 Last updated: 2010/04/07

It is so sad that Soren has left us at such a relatively young age. He contributed so much, as all have recognised, and I felt that he still had so much more to give.It could never be said that Soren sat back and let things happen. He was always...


Author: Maria F. Ramalhoto, Created 2010/02/18 Last updated: 2010/02/18

I would like to express my profound sadness due to the death of our colleague who led us to create ENBIS. from Maria

A reference person

Author: Stefano Barone, Created 2010/02/05 Last updated: 2010/02/05

Thanks Soren for giving me inspiration, good advise and references for my scientific growth. I will miss you very much, but I am sure your works will be milestones for many generations of industrial statisticians and statistical engineers like me.  


Author: Vladimir Shper, Created 2010/02/05 Last updated: 2010/02/05

It is a shocking news that such a prominent statistician died. I met him at 1st ENBIS conference and it was clear that he played crucial role not only in creating this community but in creating the general air of mutual trust, support and help to other people. Since that...

My condolences

Author: Vladimir Bokov, Created 2010/01/20 Last updated: 2010/01/20

He was a stalwart follower of Ronald Fisher and George Box statistical methodology. His role in advancement of European industrial statistics is enormous. Soren Bisgaard was dedicated to teaching. His extraordinary academic legacy will continue to persevere through his students. And I deeply regret about his untimely death.

We will meet again

Author: The remaining 9 fellows in the "Hard Core Group", Created 2010/01/20 Last updated: 2010/01/20

Author: The remaining 9 fellows in the Hard Core Group graduating from the Copenhagen Engineering College in 1975: Allan Hansen, Bjarne Jensen, Bjarne Nielsen, Christian Løvdal, Johny Liebst, Jørgen Secher, Niels Jensen, Ole Jørgensen,  Peter Sørensen.We have lost yet one of our fellows from the...


Created 2010/01/07 Last updated: 2010/01/07

It was a shock to hear about Soren's death. Personally, I remember the Workshop  about DoE in Eindhoven after the very first ENBIS conference in Amsterdam. I learn a lot from him during those days, and  also during the other meeting occasions.  He will remain among my best memories. Sue...

He will be deeply missed

Author: Froydis Bjerke, Created 2010/01/06 Last updated: 2010/01/06

The shocking news that Søren has left us, filled me with grieve and sadness. He was an extraordinary person, having that rare combination of professional excellence linked to a very friendly, helpful and supportive personality.  I first met Søren in the late 80’s, when I attended one of his courses in...

Deep respect

Created 2010/01/05 Last updated: 2010/01/05

Soren Bisgaard was a real friend in the true sense of the word. In 2000, he succeeded in founding ENBIS and donated the proceeds from a short course on DoE to help finance establishment of the organization. Soren was dedicated to helping other improve. His exceptional legacy will continue to...


Author: Eva Riccomagno, Created 2010/01/05 Last updated: 2010/01/05

My most felt condolences go to Soren's wife and all his family and friends. I'd like to remember Soren's fundamental contribution while setting up enbis, his calm and knowledgable smile during the first very brain-storming meetings from which enbis emerged. More personally I remember an inspiring conversation on a trip by train from Amsterdam...