In memoriam

Tony Greenfield

26 April 1931 - 19 March 2019

Tony Greenfield with Xavier and Lluís

I first met Tony at a meeting in Amsterdam, just after the ENBIS launch meeting. My plane was delayed and I entered the meeting room late trying not to interrupt, there were around twelve people (I knew about half of them). Tony’s white hair and friendly smile caught immediately my attention. Just a bit later, what attracted me was his willingness to help and his wisdom. At that point I could not imagine that we would collaborate developing a DOE simulator (the aluminum wheels simulator) during the Pro-ENBIS project, and that this would lead to have him at UPC delivering regularly a very successful course about statistical technical writing in our Statistics Master Program.  Students loved the course and loved Tony. 

This annual visits gave place to conversations and discussions (for me, lessons) and to a friendship that I really value. I cannot say why, but Tony's scientific vision of the world along with his enthusiasm and positivism always made me think of the great British scientists of the late XIX and early XX centuries. I felt almost like having two or three annual dinners with Darwin or Lord Kelvin.

Tony was an important node in our network, we have been very lucky to have him and we will miss him very much.

I cannot finish any other way than being faithful to Tony's essence: Cheers! 

Xavier Tort-Martorell