Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, ENBIS President (2007-2009)


Andrea first became involved at the ENBIS founding conference in Amsterdam (2000). Most recently she has had the important roles of President 2007‐2009 and Treasurer 2009‐10. Previously, she was co‐chair of the work package in data mining and was a guiding force in our three‐year thematic network EU-funded pro‐ENBIS project ( ).

Andrea, who is a graduate statistician (a degree similar to masters from the University of Dortmund), has combined her ENBIS work with a demanding career, managing her own data mining company, ANTZ21, as well as several academic positions. She has been an independent consultant and trainer, working internationally since 1999, and has more than 15 years of professional experience in data mining and data warehousing. Her company is based in Germany and provides business intelligence, database marketing (DBM) and customer relationship management (CRM), all tailored to customer‐and  project‐specific requirements.

These are some of her current activities:

-        Vice President ECDM (European Center for Database Marketing) (since 1999).

-        Leader of ENBIS -SIG Data Mining (since 2001)

-        Co‐Chair of ICDM (Industrial Conference on Data Mining) (since 2001).

-        Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg and Aalen for data mining, database marketing, market research and marketing (since 2001).

-        Auditor of the German Direct Marketing Association (DDV) (2010‐2011).


In the past she held the following positions:

-        President of ENBIS (2007‐2009).

-        Vice‐President of ENBIS (2003‐2004).

-        Member of the National Examination Committee of the Chamber of Commerce for the new profession of certified IT consultants IHK (2003‐ 2008).

-        Director of studies at the Academy in Frankfurt ECDM (2002‐2004).

-        Schmid group (Printus, plus office, Office Discount, techno), 1997‐1999, Database Manager.

-        Baur Versand, 1994‐1997, Group Leader Marketing Database.

-        Hospital Hagen, 1993‐1994, freelancer for the mathematical validation of survival scoring.

-        Institute of Journalism, University of Dortmund, 1989‐1993, free associate for marketing research.


 ENBIS initiatives

The first period of her time as president was dominated by the transition phase and the escorting difficulties that must be handled on legal, administrational and process levels. Together with Alessandro, Anja and Winfried, she managed to save ENBIS. Under her leadership, ENBIS got a new logo, redesign of the website, new auditing processes, design of workflows, documents, and  accounting standards. With the new website, ENBIS got the opportunity to be much more interactive. During her presidentship, the mandate of ENBIS executive and council members doubled. We established a formal list of benefits for corporate members, worked out by members.  We also created a set of sponsoring opportunities for separate events or conferences or within ENBIS . Together with Shirley and Ron, Andrea persuaded JMP to be a main sponsor of ENBIS for three years. This helps ENBIS to remain a society without a membership fee. She initiated the ENBIS Challenge. The first winner of the ENBIS Challenge was announced at ENBIS9 in Goteborg. Based on the work of former presidents and executive members, we strengthened relationships between ENBIS and other statistical societies.

Andrea is a great example of the energy and enthusiasm in ENBIS. Professionally, her approach is solution‐oriented, always using the best methods to extract meaning, give sensible recommendations and move into positive action. Andrea applies this way of thinking to all her involvement in ENBIS.  

ENBIS gratefully acknowledges Andrea's many contributions and hopes she will remain an active member.