A short biography of Dave Stewardson (President 2001-2002)

Dave Stewardson was President of ENBIS from 2001-2. He is perhaps widest known for setting up pro-ENBIS, the European framework 5 Thematic Network which brought together partners from all over Europe and really established ENBIS as the strong, broad network that it is today.

Dave was one of the visionary people who saw the potential of ENBIS right from the start and attended the first official meeting in Amsterdam in 2000. I went along with him and was impressed at his understanding of the potential of the new network and his continual and focussed networking activity. He networked all the time, not even taking a break to admire the fantastic canals outside the meeting room.

Dave was the Director of the Industrial Statistics Research Unit at Newcastle University from 1997 to 2003 and his proposal writing skills were legendary. At one point he managed to win 30 of the 33 proposals he had written. His writing skills had been developed through an unusual collection of work experiences before he joined ISRU. He and his wife, Jackie, had run a successful pub in London and as aside to absorb his boundless energy Dave had begun to advise people objecting to planning proposals. He defended and won many small claims cases but eventually took on a multi-millionnaire property tycoon and was vapourised. Dave then changed direction and worked with his customary manic dedication to gain a first class degree in Statistics from Northumbria University from where he joined ISRU in 1995.

As Director, Dave was great fun to work with. He had the most unusual ability to combine diplomacy with gifted proposal writing with a deep and lively interest in the subject itself. He wrote papers and conference abstracts continually and was always full of ideas.

Dave was good at galvanising people into action and always saw opportunities. At the same time he was very light hearted and humorous. With his extensive store of incredible tales he was great fun to travel with. The many European projects that Dave won for ISRU involved a lot of travel which was very exciting. It was also very tiring, for example our 6 visits to Wroclaw, Poland in 2003.

Dave should have had many more years as a promoter of business and industrial statistics in practice and general stirrer but was taken ill in 2003. He has retired from the University but is still active, playing a lot of chess and enjoying being with his family.

There should be more people like Dave, but he is definitely a one-off.

Shirley Coleman