Tony Greenfield (President 2002-2003)

Tony Greenfield was formerly head of process computing and statistics at the British Iron and Steel Research Association, Sheffield, and professor of medical computing and statistics at Queen's University, Belfast. He is now one of the visiting professors to the Industrial Statistics Research Unit (ISRU), the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and is past President of ENBIS.

As a consequence of being a member of ENBIS, he has presented a number of workshops around Europe including the well-received workshops on Communicating Statistics in Barcelona (UPC).

Tony was the founding editor of the ENBIS News and of the ENBIS Magazine which was published as a section of Scientific Computing World for three years.

In ENBIS News 4(1)2006, Shirley Coleman wrote:

"Tony Greenfield was President of ENBIS in the academic year 2002/03. He is probably widest known for his writing skills. He started the original monthly ENBIS newsletter and has been the honorary editor of the ENBIS Magazine in Scientific Computing World since it was set up in 2003. He was editor of the Royal Statistical Society's RSS News for many years and is the editor and co‐author of Research Methods for Postgraduates published by Arnold.

"Among important stations in his career are those of a technical journalist, Head of Process Computing and Statistics in British Steel's research laboratories, and Professor of Medical Computing and Statistics at Queen's University in Belfast. While in Belfast (his time there marked by the troubles in Northern Ireland) he rewrote the curriculum and spent many hours perfecting new teaching material. He also rewrote the guidelines for Ulster's research ethics committee and was joint author of the UK government's report into medical effects of the seat belt legislation. He resigned when the troubles became too much for him.

"I first became aware of Tony at the 1982 RSS conference in York where he spoke up from the audience about the need for quality assurance in statistical software. I was impressed by his eloquence and humour that have in later years also added so much to ENBIS. The RSS Quality Improvement Committee which he chaired when I first joined has now evolved into a full RSS section.

"Tony works with many different groups of people both within and outside ENBIS. He is a regular visitor to Barcelona (working with Xavier Tort‐Martorell), has presented workshops in Tel Aviv and Budapest (with Ron S. Kenett), in Coimbra, San Sebastian and Ljubljana. He is a Visiting Professor at the Newcastle University. He contributes his time and effort freely, which is probably why such an erudite and unusual man prides himself in living in the Derbyshire Peak District in an ancient cottage that would fit into my living room.

"With Xavier, Tony has recently developed interactive software that demonstrates SPC and DoE using simulation of the manufacture of aluminium wheels and of oil filters. He contributed this software to partners of pro‐ENBIS, the European 5th Framework Thematic Network, and presented workshops and demonstrations in Norway, UK, and other parts of Europe. He enjoyed company visits and, with Oystein Evandt, Tony and I had a brilliant visit to Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products in Holmestrand (Norway).

"Prominent figures in Tony's life - well known to ENBIS members ‐ are his wife, Liz, and son Lance who always accompany him to ENBIS conferences. It is great fun to sit with them all. He has two daughters and another son. The best description of Tony is that of a commentator, agent provocateur and general deep thinker. There should be more people like him, but I suspect he is a one‐off."