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Welcome to the site of bENBIS, the Belgian branch of ENBIS, the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics.

ENBIS was founded in 2000 with the aim to bring together people from business and industry. It welcomes not just formally trained statisticians, but anyone using statistical methods. Its main goal is to exchange knowledge and ideas. ENBIS is web-based and membership is free.

A group of enthusiastic Belgian members felt that this initiative could also work well on a smaller, national scale. They started bENBIS, a local initiative under the ENBIS umbrella, with the goal to meet and discuss applications, problems and new techniques, to improve networking and facilitate co-operation. bENBIS tries to organize workshops once or twice a year, and keeps its members informed about potentially interesting events all year round.


The local network of bENBIS is the Belgium branch of ENBIS and can be proud of being one of the most active. For more information go to the homepage , run by Peter Goos! The leaders of bENBIS may be reached at .