Workshop meeting in Amsterdam

Results of the DoE-Workshop within the ENBIS-Conference in Amsterdam on 11.12.00.


The following list shows topics, that should be considered for further work of the DoE workgroup:

  • Promotion of DoE methods within the companies.
  • DoE Chat-Line (aiming in building up a library and an index, see also point 3)
  • Case-Studies on the WEB.
  • Workshops / Meetings (in combination with point 3)
  • Management of experimentation
  • Analysis of multiple responses
  • Software topics (List of DoE-Software, Review of DoE-Software, Surveys on DoE-Software)
  • Computer Experiments
  • Education and training
  • Robust Experimentation
  • Experimentation in Services and business.
As additional points were mentioned:
  • Distinction between knowledge seeking and knowledge offering members
  • How to handle confidential information and data.

To start work, the bold topics were chosen for the first year. As a concrete action it was decided to do a workshop covering as many topics as possible.


It was agreed on that many topics on the list in chapter 1 can be handled in a workshop. Preparation and structure of this project will be described here:

Case studies

The workshop will be based on case studies. They will be prepared by:

  • Henry Wynn
  • Theo Wember
  • Øyvind Langsrud
  • Freek Huele

Further examples are welcome. It is proposed to construct a subpage in the WEB where these examples and case studies are described and can be structured.

Processing projects

The DoE projects will be handled by dealing with the following aspects:

  • Objectives of a study
  • How to get a adequate design
  • Analysis of DoE data
  • Software Solutions
  • Reporting of results.

Some participants said that they would like to get a feeling what is good practice in designing experiments.

Organisation and time table

  • The workshop will last one day. To work on 4 examples would mean approximately 2 hours for each. An alternative would be parallel sessions. There is not yet an agreement about his.
  • The case studies have to be on the WEB until April 2001.
  • The workshop will be done attached to the ENBIS-conference in November 2001.
  • In my opinion it is not clear who will do the work in organizing the workshop. This was not fixed in the meeting. Henry Wynn and Theo Wember will do some work. We need further volunteers.


The following list shows the participants of the DoE workgroup present in Amsterdam

Case studies

This chapter is reserved for describing the case studies. Feel free to add your example as an additional subchapter.

Theo Wember

I would like to make some proposal of some typical problems where I could give an example:

  • DoEs where the response is a function (e.g. of time)
  • Variant-minimizing designs (just think of some factors needing “hardware†variants whereas others factors can be adjusted easily. How to minimize the number of “hardware†variants?)
  • Designs for shelf-life in pharmaceutical industries (together with Martin Holz)
  • Solutions for computer designs.

Just give me some feedback what would interest you!

Help welcome

The protocolist is not a native English speaker. Hints to improve the text are highly welcome. Do not hesitate to contact me to get rid of mistakes in the text.