Industrial design (DoE)

Chair: Øyvind Langsrud


Yuri Adler,
Alexander Donev,
Nadine Henkenjohann,
Øyvind Langsrud,
Arvind Ruggoo,
Gernot Schubert,
John Tyssedal,
Martina Vandebroek,
Dimitar Vandev,
Grazia Vicario,


The following list shows topics, that should be considered for further work of the DoE workgroup:
  • Make the web forum more known and active. It should be possible to get e-mail alert when a message is posted. A mail should be sent (within a few weeks) to all who have been interested in the DOE activity.
  • Better explanation of what we offer (discussion forum) at the top of the DOE web page.
  • More interesting case studies available?
  • Some information about proENBIS at the ENBIS-web. Make better web relations to the proENBIS-DOE working package (links from both sides).
  • Make a list of relevant articles/references on www.

Workshop in May

  • A workshop will be held at Matforsk in Norway on May 13 (probably).
  • Analysing designed experiments (special problems: multiple responses, spilt plot)
  • Not only success stories?
  • Anyone have problems they want to be discussed?
  • Several talks on the same problem or data set?