Workshop meeting in Oslo

Minutes on the Meeting on 18 September 2001 at the ENBIS Conference, Oslo, Norway.

1. Present

  • Chairman Prof H Wynn
  • Grazia Vicario
  • Debbie Kraus
  • Martina Erdbrugge
  • Bjørn H. Akestad
  • John Tyssedal
  • Martin Arvidsson
  • Oyvind Langsrud
  • Ulrike Grömping
  • Stefano Barone

2. WebPages

It was decided to begin immediately to construct a webpage for the working group with a target for completion of the first version being 1/1/02. The headings for the working group as follows:

i) Case studies
ii) Software availability
iii) Special experimental designs for particular areas
iv) Teaching materials
v) New areas in topics in experimental design
vi) Macros in different programming languages
vii) Conference on Workshops announces
viii) Links to other important websites
ix) Capacity to have e-meetings on the webpage

The following areas were identified as a classification of experimental design. It was also suggested that at least part of the webpage could be organised under these headings:

i) Factorial design
ii) Sponsors design
iii) Optimal design
iv) Computer experiments
v) Robust design (in product development)
vi) Design for multi-objective sponsors
vii) The use of symbolic computation in design
viii) Bootstrapping and other resampling methods in design
ix) Diagnostic methods in design
x) Design for non-linear and dynamic processes
xi) Mixture design
xii) Randomisation issues in design
xiii) Design for sensory measurement and utility elicitation
xiv) Design in marketing
xv) Design in chemistry and drug design

3. Case Study Protocol

In view of the intention to put case studies on the web (see item 1) it was decided that a protocol to organise such case studies should be essential. The following headings were suggested:

i) Introduction and background
ii) Main objections of the experiment
iii) List of factors with important factors highlighted
iv) List of responses
v) Issues to do with constraints
vi) Possible initial model
vii) Possible initial design
viii) Main design
ix) Modelling and allowances
x) Points for discussion