Meeting in Amsterdam

December 11, 2000.


Henrik Melgaard volunteered to moderate this first meeting of the working group as John Shade, who originally volunteered to lead this group, was not be able to attend the Amsterdam conference.


The purpose of this first meeting was:

  • find a common understanding of the purpose for the group
  • agree on actions and assignments


Initially the participants presented themselves and topics to consider:

  • The Annual Fall Technical conference by ASQ and ASA could be a model to consider for ENBIS
  • Discussion group via the web - where questions and answers can be posted on a specific topic. If there has been a good discussion (and possible solutions) on a topic - this could be picked out and made into a guideline linked to the web-page.
  • Standard Shewhart Control charts seldom fits to the real applications, due to other sources of variations present, e.g. day-to-day, measurement uncertainty etc. - a guideline could be developed.
  • APC and SPC - how to combine
  • Multivariate SPC - theory and applications
  • How to cope with streams of online data.
  • Ways to spread the news of SPC - keep it simple.
  • Non-standard applications of SPC
  • SPC for batch production
  • What types of processes where SPC is worthwhile considering
  • Process variation

Relation to other workgroups

The relation to the other workgroups where also considered, as a number of the participants where interested in more of the groups, so it was difficult to choose. We didn't come up with a solution to this - but the possibility to join more than one group should be considered for future conferences.

Specifically the relation to the "Quality improvement" WG was discussed, but ended with the conclusion that quality improvement would be the overall umbrella and process modelling and control would be one of more tools to apply.

Agreed actions

  • web-library would be first priority, that is to collect references, links etc. on applications and teaching material. Relevant material on this, should be send to Alessandro Di Bucchianico , who will coordinate the web-page as co-webmaster.
  • web-discussion group this should be coordinated with the web-masters, as this would be relevant for more WG. One way to organise it would be to post a contribution under a specific WG.
  • Participate in the workshop within one year. The possibility of a single invited speaker was discussed.

The network is dependent upon YOUR participation, please provide the inputs as mentioned above.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!
Kind regards

Henrik Melgaard