Workshop: Statistical Consulting Skills

Saturday 17th September 2005
Søren Bisgaard and Sue Ellen Bisgaard

Below you find the charts used in this post-conference workshop in Newcastle.


How do I identify the real problem? Why would a client lie to me? What if I don't know the answer? Why did they hire me if they don't want to do what I tell them to do? Just because it does not appear rational to you does not mean that the client irrational. What does a consulting contract look like? How do I handle confidential information? How do I charge for my services?

Effective consulting involves more than having technical expert knowledge. Every system has a unique culture that may appear to be trying to block you. The goal of this workshop is to help you identify underlying manifestations of resistance and understand some approaches that may help you overcome, intervene and be more effective as a statistical consultant. We will also provide you with a number of practical tips based on our experience gained from consulting in many different industries and cultures.


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