Meeting in Newcastle

Date: 14 September 2005 Report from the group meeting in Newcastle

Meeting in Copenhagen

Date: 20 September 2004

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Summary of Second Meeting of the SCWG

Date: 24 September 2002
Location: Rimini, Italy

About 20 conference participants met to discuss past and future actions of the group.

Looking Back
We summarised the work done in the past year, noting some progress with sharing codes of ethics (thanks to Tony Greenfield), developing a repository of patterns for statistical consulting (thanks to Ron Kenett), draft statutes (thanks to John Shade), and the securing of speakers and other inputs to the Rimini conference (thanks to Antje Christensen). Group members were active in presenting papers and chairing sessions during the conference. One of the sessions was on statistical consultancy  a very well attended session, with very good presentations.

Looking Forward
Looking ahead, the group listed possible actions of special relevance to the group, and then looked for volunteers to take ownership for them, or at least to get them started within the next few months. Almost all of the listed actions obtained a volunteer, with promised delivery dates spread over October to January. John Shade agreed to lead the group for one more year.

Here are the actions agreed by those present, sorted by month of first deliverable to the group:

Report of this meeting posted on ENBIS web site
Create list of relevant skills for statistical consultants
Share SCWG membership list
Collate ideas for our contributions to Barcelona 2003

List resources for statistical consultants
Keywords/structure for case studies
Draft statutes for the group
Code of conduct example for statistical consultants

Using Excel and other software

Proposal for a meeting on skills specific to statistical consultancy

We felt we had had a fairly useful year, but that more actions would be desirable if the group was to remain healthy and lively during the time between conferences. The prospect looks good since so many people volunteered to help.

Post Script
(1) New members are welcome. All members of ENBIS are welcome to join. Just email John Shade and ask to join the group. John will get you added to the email distribution list, and you can start to use it to send and receive group communications. Only group members can send messages to this list.
(2) Ron Kenett has set up a web chat-room facility for the use of group members. This is for a trial period only. Details of how to use it will be sent to all new members, and to the group list from time to time.



Summary of First Meeting Held at the ENBIS Conference in Oslo, 18 September 2001

Soren Bisgaard first raised the idea of this group during a meeting of the Interim Committee of ENBIS, and John Shade agreed to help launch the Group at the Conference on 18th September.

Founding Members
Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, Bjorn H Auestad, Soren Bisgaard, Roland Caulcutt, Antje Christensen, Anne De Frenne, Ronald Does, Oystein Evandt, Jesper Frickman, Paolo Giudici, Tony Greenfield, Judith L Jacobsen, Ron Kenett, Maria Ramalhoto, John Shade, Bruce Sindahl, Dave Stewardson, Peter Thyregod, Boris Weiman, Stina West Andersen.

The meeting made this list of things we might do:
3.1 Using the Internet
3.1.1 Email of for group members. This is our primary means of communication at present. This list should be used for announcements of events, provision of information, and requests for comments and assistance.
3.1.2 ENBIS Web Site. We need to find out how to make use of the site. Ronald (RD) will speak with ENBIS webmaster Jeroen de Mast about this to find out more about such possibilities as chat rooms, forum, notice boards and such like.

3.2 Themes/Topics Raised at the Meeting.
3.2.1 Use of Internet for consulting (Ron Kenett). Virtual institutes. Web-based collaboration on projects.
3.2.2 Finding graphics for displaying data to managers (Anne de Frenne)

3.3 Events we might organise/encourage/contribute to.
3.3.1 Session at next ENBIS conference (Rimini, Sep 2002)
3.3.2 Tutorials (amongst ourselves, or otherwise) e.g. on marketing, business growth, consultancy contracts
3.3.3 Consulting laboratory (RK) - including role play sessions.
3.3.4 Speakers from established consultancies to talk about what they do and how they do it, e.g. an internal consultancy unit within a university.

3.4 Mutual Support.
3.4.1 Sharing of ethical codes (codes of conduct) and possible adoption of one by the group. Tony Greenfield agreed to collate all examples received, and circulate to group in due course. All members invited to send in examples.
3.4.2 Back each other up with complementary/emergency skills. Bruce Sindahl agreed to circulate a template into which we can each add information on our skills and interests.
3.4.3 Respond to appeals for help/guidance in consulting situations.
3.4.4 Special attention to needs of non-statisticians, e.g. black belts, management consultants.
3.4.5 Discussion of charging rates and practices.
3.4.6 Sharing of training/advisory materials and tips, e.g. how best to present to chemists, medics, engineers etc.
3.4.7 Software issues, sharing of macros and other code.

3.5 Measuring our Impact
3.5.1 How to assess where we are, what the potential is (RK, TG). Proportion of actual to potential users in various industries or countries? How to do this?
3.5.2 Sharing our own opinions, perhaps through mini-polls from time to time. These may have some interest for external publications.newsletters, etc.

3.6 Contributions to ENBIS and Pro ENBIS
3.6.1 Quarterly summary of our activities to all ENBIS members, or to web site?
3.6.2 Development/collation of cases studies, reading lists, sources of expertise. Perhaps especially to look for generic problems and use of patterns/anti-patterns (RK). How we have helped industry in the EU and associated states. Demonstrations of good practice and international collaboration.
3.6.3 Opportunities within EU 6th Framework.
3.6.4 Contributions to ENBIS annual conference
3.6.5 Contributions to ENBIS Council discussions/decisions

3.7 Demands on our time. An appeal was made to keep time demands on members of this group commensurate with benefits (Boris Weiman).

3.8 Immediate follow-up actions.
3.8.1 Circulate summary notes from the inaugral meeting - JS
3.8.2 Create email list - JS
3.8.3 Get information/guidance from Jeroen on how our group can/should make use of ENBIS web site - RD
3.8.4 Make info available on pattern/anti-pattern concept - RK
3.8.5 Collate examples of consultant codes of practice - TG
3.8.6 Prepare template to store group members’ skills/interests - BS

ENBIS5 Statistical consulting interest group report
Minutes 22/09/2004