Statistics in Practice

This Special Interest Group replaces the three former SIGs:

As ENBIS is about meeting people, sharing experiences with statistics applications and discussing relevant approaches - both face-to-face and online - our SIG, following the initial discussions at ENBIS-12 in Ljubljana, launched the ENBIS Webinar series. Since the Spring of 2013, the ENBIS Webinars have thus provided another ENBIS forum for a very productive and cost-efficient (there is no registration fee for webinar participants) exchange of experiences.

Webinars are scheduled about once a month. A speaker from industry or academia presents a case, which is then discussed under the facilitation of a moderator. Discussions are usually lively, and feedback from the participant surveys is highly encouraging. So far, participation has been restricted to 25 people to make the discussion accessible for all. With a number of the past webinars having filled up quickly, this policy is now under consideration.

If you have suggestions, wishes or comments related to webinars, or you would like to join the working group, feel free to contact 

For information on topics discussed in past webinars, visit Past Webinars under Activities/Events on the ENBIS Web TOC.

For information on upcoming webinars, follow the ENBIS Alerts or regularly check the Upcoming Events section of the ENBIS Web front page.

To register for the free webinar, log in to ENBIS Web, select this webinar among the Upcoming Events and click on Registration. In case the quota of participants has been exceeded by the time you try to register, you will be waitlisted and notified per e-mail should your participation become possible because somebody else withdrew from the webinar.

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SIG Presentation at ENBIS-14
Slides documenting the launch of the ENBIS Webinar series.