Meeting in Amsterdam (11/12/2000)

Meeting in Amsterdam (11/12/2000)

The first meeting of the Working Group on "Statistical Modelling" was held in Amsterdam during the Founding Conference of ENBIS, on December, 11th, 2000.


  • Marcello de Giosa
  • Dee Denteneer
  • Jan Engel
  • Nicoletta Francone
  • Gerben Mooiweer
  • Fabrizio Ruggeri   (Coordinator)
  • Poul Thyregod
  • Grazia Vicario

    The meeting has been opened by a report by the Coordinator on the answers he got from Group members on a questionnaire (see the text) he sent all of them ten days before the conference.

    Before discussing goals and life of the Group, all the members introduced themselves and their research interests and expertise.

    All the members observed the peculiar nature of the Working Group which makes it very different from the others. It does not focus on a well specified area of research but, as suggested by its name, its interests are very broad. This nature can be both the weakness and the strength of the Group. On one side, people could hardly find reasons to participate in the Group activities since it is not clear what the Group is for. On the other side, a lot of opportunities are offered to the Group if it becomes able to provide scientific and industrial communities a discussion forum in which practitioners can find a wide, commented, selection of models, link to useful resources, discussions on the possibility of using similar models in very different context, whereas researchers can find applications to models presented in the literature. At the same time, open problems should be posed and discussed by Group members and others in order to find adequate models. Relevant data sets should be analysed within the Group. The Group members who attended the meeting were confident on the possibility of pursuing the latter goal, even if it will take a large personal involvement in buiding the network, both in terms of acquiring and spreading information and enlarging the group of active members.

    Exchanges with other ENBIS Working Groups and other professional organisations have been deemed necessary, as well. Cooperation with all of them will be sought in the future, once the Group will be structured and become active. An important role can be played by the cooperation with the International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM), which could lead to the organisation of a session at their annual meeting. The organisation of a workshop by the Group has been discussed but, at the moment, it seems more reasonable to contribute to other conferences, e.g. those which emphasise the interaction between industries/businesses and universities/research institutions and deals with new, relevant applications of statistical methodologies. It was decided to give the Group's support to a conference on "Statistics and Telecommunications" which will be held in Italy in July 2001 where the first day's tutorial and introductory seminars will be followed by a one day workshop with talks by people in both academia and industries. The support to the conference will be an opportunity to let local people know about the Working Group and ENBIS.  Group members agreed in communicating conferences of possible interest for the Group. The Working Group will give its contribution to the Second ENBIS Congress organising a session (possibly, a case study).

    After this lively discussion, the Group agreed on some points which are summarised in the following


  • Creation of the Group web site (
  • Search for resources to be added to web site:
  • Case studies
  • Tutorials
  • Collection of papers on relevant topics
  • Books
  • Conferences
  • Software
  • Members web pages, interests and expertise
  • Mailing list
  • New members recruitment through
  • Web site
  • Use of established discussion lists
  • Leaflets at conferences
  • Endorsements of conference
  • Endorsement of a conference on ``Statistics and Telecommunication'', to be held in Italy in July, 2001
  • Choice of a coordinator,  Fabrizio Ruggeri, which will be in charge until the First Annual ENBIS Conference.