Meeting in Oslo (18/9/2001)

Meeting in Oslo (18/9/2001)

The second meeting of the Working Group on "Statistical Modelling" was held in Oslo during the First Annual ENBIS Conference, on September, 18th, 2001.


  • Soren Andersen
  • Ingunn Berget
  • Jan Engel
  • Arnoldo Frigessi
  • Peter Hackl
  • Bjorn-Helge Mevik
  • Fabrizio Ruggeri   (Coordinator)

    The meeting has been opened by a report by the Coordinator on the activities in the last year. The participant at the meeting agreed that the Working Group should focus on ``hot topics'' (e.g. statistics in telecommunications, as in the workshop sponsored in 2001) and resources on them should be made available for a possible interaction among group's members. Pro-ENBIS could be the proper environment in which workshops on ``hot topics'' could be organised.

    After the discussion, the Group agreed on some points which are summarised in the following


  • Further search for resources (mainly case studies and tutorials) to be added to the Group web site (
  • Organisation of Group sessions at the second Annual ENBIS conference and suggestion of invited speakers
  • Update of the mailing list, with request to the ENBIS Webmaster to send an e-mail to all ENBIS members to get involved with the Groups
  • Possible endorsement of workshop and organisation of courses or schools
  • Choice of a coordinator,  Fabrizio Ruggeri, which will be in charge until the Second Annual ENBIS Conference.