ENBIS-12 in Ljubljana

9 – 13 September 2012 Abstract submission: 15 January – 10 May 2012

Applications of Bayesian Networks

10 September 2012, 10:20 – 10:40


Submitted by
Ron Kenett
Ron S. Kenett (KPA / University of Turin)
Modelling cause and effect relationships has been a major challenge for statisticians in a wide range of application areas. Bayesian Networks combine graphical analysis with Bayesian analysis to represent causality maps linking measured and target variables. Such maps can be used for diagnostics and predictive analytics. The talk will present an introduction to Bayesian Networks and their applications to web site usability (Harel et al, Kenett et al, 2009) operational risks (Kenett and Raanan, 2010), biotechnology (Peterson and Kenett, 2011), customer satisfaction surveys (Kenett and Salini, 2011) healthcare systems (Kenett, 2012) and the testing of web services (Bai and Kenett, 2012). Some references to software programs used to construct BNs will also be provided.
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