Understanding, Planning and Applying Netnography

9 September 2012; 09:00 – 18:00

A full day ENBIS-12 pre-conference course run by Robert Kozinets (York University, Canada)

This full day ENBIS-12 pre-conference course given by the father of the netnographic research, Rob Kozinets, will have two parts.

The first will be run as a seminar to provide a more detailed and nuanced treatment of the topic of conducting netnographic work in the social sciences. Several readings, assigned in advance to participants, will be discussed and then the day’s workshop assignment will be given.

The second part will be organised as an interactive session, and participants will present their research findings to the group. This will also be an opportunity to discuss technique and method. Discussion about quality of findings, quality of theory, and next steps will follow.