ENBIS-13 in Ankara

15 – 19 September 2013 Abstract submission: 5 February – 5 June 2013

Practical DOE “Tricks of the Trade”

16 September 2013, 15:05 – 15:25


Submitted by
Pat Whitcomb
Pat Whitcomb (Stat-Ease, Inc.)
This talk lays out a series of real-life case studies that illustrate a few useful “tricks of the trade” for successful design of experiments. These techniques are not widely used, but all of them have proven quite useful and worth knowing. The techniques include:
- Using standard error to constrain optimization
- Employing Cpk (or Ppk) to optimize your DOE
- Combining categoric factors to avoid improbable combinations
- Applying mean bias correction to a transformed response
Get ready for some practical advice on DOE that will enhance your use and/or consulting on this powerful statistical tool.
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