Free ENBIS webinar by Winfried Theis: A DoE case study from Shell

19 March 2014; 12:45 – 13:30; ENBIS Webinar

Winfried Theis will share his experiences with an ongoing series of experiments at Shell in an ENBIS webinar on March 19th, 2014.. The moderator of the webinar is Antje Christensen.

Free ENBIS webinar on March 19, 12:45-13:30 by Winfried Theis (Shell). Registration is no longer possible since the maximum number of participants has been reached.

The moderator is Antje Christensen. For questions concerning the webinar, please send an email to

Title: A DoE case study from Shell


At Shell, sequential DoE is used to optimize processes and products. In one particular series of experiments, attributes of a particular type of lubricant were optimised. At the Ankara conference last September, Winfried Theis presented the ongoing series of experiments as a case study. In this talk, he will recap the case study and expand it into recent developments of the case and comparable examples.