Free ENBIS Webinar by Astrid Ruck on “Modeling of Time-Pressure Curve Classes Based on Pre-Volumes”

5 June 2014; 12:45 – 13:30

Astrid Ruck will provide insight into the modeling of pressure in safety valve opening tests. The webinar will be moderated by Antje Christensen.

Pyrotechnical seatbelt pretensioners operate at high pressure levels. In order to avoid a bursting behavior, closed pressure systems are often equipped with a safety valve. To demonstrate product robustness with regard to maximum pyrotechnical pressure, safety valve opening tests are performed. Every single safety valve test is affected by a so-called pre-volume, which leads to a corresponding class of measured curves, i.e. pressure vs. time.

For the purpose of modeling the maximum pressure and its corresponding time for a given pre-volume, we use the fact that safety valve time-pressure curves are continuous and can be fitted by a polynomial in the environment of the maximum pressure. This approach can be applied to numerous continuous curves affected by several other factors.