ENBIS-15 in Prague

6 – 10 September 2015; Prague, Czech Republic Abstract submission: 1 February – 3 July 2015

Industrial Visit to Staropramen Brewery

9 September 2015, 13:40 – 17:00

This half-day post-conference excursion will be a visit of Staropramen Brewery

Staropramen Brewery is among the largest beer producers in the Czech Republic and its famous Staropramen beer is available in more than 35 countries all over the world. Their Staropramen visitor center gives insights into the whole brewing process and history of the brand. During the interactive brewery tour, visitors familiarize themselves with the history of the Prague beer from its creation in 1869 until today. Many original brewery artifacts can be seen, for example a historic beer brewing boiler or a simplified bottling line. The tour ends at the contemporary bar built in the tradition of Czech pubs.

The tour will take place in two groups, one starting at 14:00 and the other at 14:30. It has an approximate duration of 50 minutes. The booking closes end of August. Click here for additional information and to register.

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