ENBIS-16 in Sheffield

11 – 15 September 2016; Sheffield Abstract submission: 20 March – 4 July 2016

Pre-Conference Workshop on "The New ISO 18404 Standard on Six Sigma" by Tony Bendell

11 September 2016, 14:00 – 16:30

This half-day ENBIS-16 pre-conference workshop will be given by Tony Bendell (United Kingdom). It can be booked here

TARGET GROUP: Anyone interested in Six Sigma application or ISO 18404, or considering certification as an individual or organisation

The presentation describes the new ISO 18404:2015 international standard for Lean and Six Sigma certification, why it was created, and the competences required of Six Sigma & Lean practitioners under the standard, plus the requirements for organisational certification. It debates the need for such a standard and reports on progress with national accreditation of certification under the standard, and how the standard is being received.

 It also considers

  • The role of the Royal Statistical Society and formation of the sector scheme.
  • How lack of a standard has allowed bad practice and training issues in Six Sigma and Lean.
  • The desire for change.
  • The creation of ISO18404 as an auditable Six Sigma and Lean standard for organisations and practitioners.
  • Progress in implementation.
  • Opportunities for application within UK and global organisations and the link to, and role of, business statisticians.



2pm Introduction & Purposes in Attending

2.15pm Overview of the ISO 18404 standard:

Current abuses with Six Sigma and Lean & Why the ISO 18404 standard was created

The standards management requirements

Practitioner competency requirements


3.45pm Use of the the ISO 18404 standard for stocktakes and Certification:

Lean & the standard

Six Sigma & the standard

Lean & Six Sigma combined

Arrangements for Accredited Certification of organisations & individuals under the standard



  • To enable delegates to understand and avoid the main shortfalls & risk in current Six Sigma and Lean implementation
  • To familiarise delegates with the competency requirements for Six Sigma (& Lean Six Sigma) Green Belts, Black Belts, Master Black Belts or the Lean equivalents under ISO 18404
  • To enable delegates to understand the certification requirements for organisations under ISO 18404 and how to build an appropriate management system
  • To enable delegates to take stock of an organisations Six Sigma and Lean programme and start to build an action plan for improvement, and possibly certification, against ISO 18404
  • To assist delegates to start to build a personal development plan for their own personal development, and possible certification, against the ISO 18404 competency requirements

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