Free ENBIS Webinar by Sebastian Hoffmeister on "Interactive Data Visualization Tools for Data Exploration"

18 January 2016; 12:45 – 13:30; Webinar

Sebastian Hoffmeister will talk about how to make most out of interactive data visualization tools. The webinar will be moderated by Anne de Frenne.

In the past statistical graphs have been purely static. When it comes to documentation and presentation of results there are definitively good reasons to stick to static graphs. But especially for data exploration the class of interactive graphs are an incredibly valuable source of information, which help in generating new hypothesis.

This webinar will give an overview of multiple tools and technologies for interactive data visualization (R/Shiny, JMP, ...). Using multiple case studies we will show how to make most out of these new technologies. Learn how to extract relevant information from "Big Data" in a datamining-setting or how to use interactive data visualization to understand the results of a complex experimental design (DoE).