Free ENBIS Webinar by Jan Willem Bikker: "Optimal Design of a Machine Part, using Design of Computer Experiments"

13 June 2016; 12:45 – 13:15; Webinar

Jan Willem Bikker will talk about Design of Computer Experiments in product development. The webinar will be moderated by Shirley Coleman.

The Dutch consultancy firm CQM supports many R&D departments with the development of products using quantitative methods, providing fact-based decisions, using mathematical modeling and statistics. One example of the many projects is the development of a machine part, for which a simulation tool exists, giving estimates for the properties of the machine part. A simulation run takes a few hours though. The set of the design parameters, geometric in nature, has as many as 11 dimensions, as well as various geometry-implied constraints. The knowledge and experience of the developers was carefully examined in the formulation of the parameters and their constraints. By running  the simulations in batch-mode according a pre-generated DoCE scheme, we could evaluate the design. The results had a complex format (pictures, bin-frequencies) and were summarized into 14  “response parameters”. We developed functions describing how the response parameters depend on the design parameters. On those response parameters, several constraints apply in order for the machine part to work. We developed a tool to visualize the design, model outcomes, and satisfaction of constraints. Furthermore, the models allow finding “optimal” and feasible designs. The usefulness of this model-based approach is that in several iterations in the project, the development team could ask us to play around with the constraints and objective, thus getting much insight in the possibilities, resulting in a good and validated design they would otherwise never have considered.