FREE ENBIS Webinar by Geoff Vining: "Statistical Engineering: What is It and Why is It important?"

9 April 2019; 15:00 – 15:45

Geoff Vining will give insights about the new formation of a Statistical Engineering discipline. The webinar will be moderated by Xavier Tort-Martorell.

There is a compelling need to create a new discipline, Statistical Engineering, to advance the theory and practice of solving large, complex, unstructured problems. The issue is not the tools required; the basic and even advanced statistical/analytical methodologies are well developed. People in diverse disciplines are beginning to clearly understand the need for interdisciplinary teams and the fundamental issues regarding team dynamics, as well as other aspects from organizational psychology. For example, Lean Six Sigma clearly demonstrates the importance of proper project management in the context of problem solving. The “missing link” is how to put the tools to the most effective use, especially when multiple tools are needed, based on what we have learned from previous solutions to other large, unstructured, complex problems.

This webinar gives an overview of this new discipline and the importance of true interdisciplinary collaboration for success in solving complex problems. We introduce the six phases and the five core processes that are the foundation of statistical engineering. The toolset required for statistical engineering transcends basic statistical and analytical methodologies. Success requires deep subject matter insights complemented by these methodologies, all brought together by an appropriate problem-solving paradigm.

The International Statistical Engineering Association (ISEA) is a new global professional society dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of statistical engineering. The ISEA membership model is based on ENBIS.  We are always looking for other people who share our vision and passion for this new discipline.