FREE ENBIS Webinar by Erin Coulson: "Design of Experiments for Business Improvement in SME Marketing Strategies"

1 September 2020; 12:30 – 13:15

Erin Coulson will investigate the impact of A/B tests to optimize social media posts. The webinar is moderated by Shirley Coleman

Design of Experiments for Business Improvement in SME Marketing Strategies

Erin Coulson

LinkedIn is the prominent platform in business-to-business social media marketing. It hosts over 30 million businesses and 675 million monthly users, which makes it difficult for individual businesses to stand out. With projected e-commerce revenues expected to reach $6.54 trillion by 2022, companies are wise strategically to optimise their online presence on digital channels including social media. This study presents investigations carried out in an SME in the marine engineering sector using an orthogonal experimental design to A/B test variables relating to the success of social media posts on LinkedIn. The study uses the Six Sigma Project Management principles of Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control and Transfer. A dataset of over 70 posts was collected and explored through a combination of charts, graphs and Decision Tree Analyses to determine the factors which influence customer engagement as measured by results, including the number of ‘Clicks’ a post receives. These factors were then used in a 2n factorial experiment to identify the optimal format of posts for successful impact on LinkedIn. The use of Six Sigma principles in optimising social media within business-to-business digital marketing strategies is a novel area of research. However, the use of Six Sigma and experimental design enables fact-based decisions to drive optimal social media campaigns and have a positive impact on the business. Consideration will be given to the effect of time trends arising because the experimental trials are conducted sequentially. The experiment is part of a continual cycle of business improvement measures and will be repeated periodically to ensure robustness within the changing business environment.