ENBIS-20 Online Conference

28 September – 1 October 2020; Online

Best Manager Award

29 September 2020, 15:00 – 15:30



Lourdes Pozueta Fernández
, PhD, Professor at the Industrial Engineering School at UPC, Barcelona, Project Leader at the Technological Centre in Spain, TECNALIA, and CEO of AVANCEX.


The ease of data collection in the industry is a great opportunity to do business working to reduce costs of inefficiencies. However, having the opportunity to collect data does not imply achieving value with its treatment. There are numerous weak elements in the culture of organizations related to the ability of people to exploit the value of data. Currently the habit of looking at data as people look at Business Intelligence topics is negatively influencing the problem-solving environment: aggregated data hides the origin of the variability since the opportunity is in the detail. Expert collaboration in each area is necessary to integrate knowledge of processes, knowledge of data capture and exploitation, and knowledge of complex problem-solving skills to achieve means of doing business by exploiting the information found in the detail of the data of each process. I will present examples of how "the standard way of thinking based on means", and "the standard way of look at aggregated visualizations" don't allow to found the value of the data.


After a Master in Science-Statistics (University of Madison-Wisconsin, USA, 1991), a PhD in Industrial Statistics (Polytechnic U. of Catalunya, ETSEIB Barcelona, 2001) and a Master Black Belt (Polytechnic U. of Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, 2004), Lourdes has dedicated her professional life to the practice and dissemination of Statistics and Statistical Engineering, in a broad environment that includes university education, technology centres, industry and society. She also participates as a volunteer to support STEAM education. She has been working as professor for 11 years at the Industrial Engineering School at UPC, Barcelona and as Project Leader at the Technological Centre in Spain, TECNALIA. She created her own enterprise AVANCEX, a SME located in the Basque Country dedicated to consulting and training in Statistical Engineering. She is the CEO from the last 13 years.


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