FREE ENBIS Webinar by Kamran Paynabar: "Low Dimensional Learning From High Dimensional Data for System Modeling and Improvement"

16 September 2020; 13:00 – 13:45

Low Dimensional Learning From High Dimensional Data for System Modeling and Improvement 

Nowadays most systems are instrumented with sensing networks that generate rich datasets and provide distinctive opportunities for system modeling and performance improvement. However, the complex characteristics of data pose significant analytical challenges yet to be addressed. Some common characteristics of these datasets include high variety, high dimensionality, high velocity and intricate spatial and temporal structure. In this talk, I present my research group’s efforts in developing efficient algorithms for learning the low-dimensional structure of complex datasets to address some of the challenges in systems modeling, monitoring, control, prognostics, and optimization. The proposed methods have been validated in the variety of application domains including silicon wafer manufacturing, additive manufacturing, automative, and microstructure analysis of stressed materials, which will also be discussed in this talk.


Kamran Paynabar is the Fouts Family Early Career Professor and Associate Professor in the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech. He received his B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from Iran, and his Ph.D. in IOE and M.A. in Statistics from The University of Michigan. His research interests comprise both applied and methodological aspects of machine-learning and statistical modeling integrated with engineering principles. He is a recipient of the Data Mining Best Student Paper Award, the Best Application Paper Award from IIE Transactions, the Best QSR refereed paper from INFORMS, and the Best Paper Award from POMS. He has been recognized with the GT campus level 2014 Junior Faculty Teaching Excellence Award and Provost Teaching and Learning Fellowship. He served as the chair of QSR of INFORMS, and the president of QCRE of IISE.  He is an Associate Editor for Technometrics and IEEE-TASE, a Department Editor for IISE-Transactions and the member of editorial board for Journal of Quality Technology.