ENBIS-8 in Athens

21 – 25 September 2008 Abstract submission: 14 March – 11 August 2008

Fast Semiparametric Models for Active Network Tomography

23 September 2008, 09:40 – 10:00


Submitted by
David Steinberg
George Michailidis
The University of Michigan
In this talk we discuss
the problem of active network tomography in which probe traffic is injected across a network.
The end-to-end statistics are collected and used to infer the link-level statistics. We consider the use
of simple, yet flexible continuous models that are appropriate for monitoring scenarios and are an
improvement over previously consider discretized delay models. In addition, we develop a moment
estimation scheme that allows for fast, computationally
efficient implementation with the goal of monitoring. The performance of the
proposed methodology is exhibited on a number of simulated and emulated network scenarios

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