Statistics for industrial consumer studies

12 June 2009

Listening to consumers: There is nothing more subjective than a number ?

12 June 2009, 13:30 – 14:15

Pieter Musters, Philips Understanding what consumers want is key for success in the market, it’s a cliché but remains an universal truth nevertheless. In Philips consumer lifestyle, all innovation is therefore driven by feedback from the end-user. Additionally, with the methodology of net promoter scores, the consumer is put central in all of our marketing and sales processes. In determining what consumers want, we rely on proven market research techniques. These techniques are however less suitable in deciding how consumers get what they want. While a proper data analysis of these studies is important, the true added value of statistics lies in safeguarding that the studies are designed properly and are predictive for actual use scenarios. In this presentation, we will highlight this statement by showing a couple of actual studies demonstrating our current way of working.

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