ENBIS-10 in Antwerp

12 – 16 September 2010 Abstract submission: 1 January – 31 May 2010

Statistics and Standardisation

13 September 2010, 15:00 – 16:00


Submitted by
Christophe Perruchet
Christophe Perruchet
The production, collection, analysis, presentation and interpretation of data play a key role in industry and service sectors. There is little point in collecting data if it is not going to be analyzed and interpreted with a view to enlightening human actions or to further knowledge of phenomena.
In today's competitive business and particularly so far as statistical methods are concerned, there is external pressure to demonstrate that good current practice is in place and used, and to have independent agencies certifying that this is really the case. This pressure is creating a growing demand for international standards on statistical methods.
ISO technical committee ISO/TC69 is responsible for the development of International Standards on the applications of statistical methods. ISO/TC69 aims to develop and maintain an integrated system of generic standards reflecting good current practice of statistical thinking, which will enable organizations to identify and implement all relevant statistical considerations whenever data are generated, collected, analyzed, presented, evaluated and interpreted.
An overview of the work conducted in ISO/TC 69, of the issues to address in the future and of its impacts on organizations will be presented.

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