ENBIS-10 in Antwerp

12 – 16 September 2010 Abstract submission: 1 January – 31 May 2010

Poster Storm session + poster walk

13 September 2010, 16:00 – 17:30

Why people dislike statistics?
Jan Myszewski

Targeted Bayesian Network Learning
Aviv Gruber and Irad Ben-Gal

Continuous Sampling Plans under Markovian Dependence
G. K. Mytalas and M. A. Zazanis

Response Modeling Methodology (RMM) – A general platform for empirical modeling ‎of random and systematic variation
Haim Shore

Multivariate process capability indices computed using principal component analysis and gauge imprecision.
Michele Scagliarini

A Control Scheme for Monitoring the Water Consumption in a Thermal Power Station
Zerehsaz Yaser, Saghaei Abbas, Kazemy Abbas

Probability Sampling Plans for Markov-Dependent Processes
George Mytalas and Stelios Psarakis

Measuring the difference between analyzing Split-Plot design as a completely randomized design.
Martin Tanco

Analysis Methods for Two-Level Factorial Experiments with Time Series Responses
Erik Vanhatalo (1), Bjarne Bergquist (1), and Kerstin Vännman (1,2)

Assignable causes of variation from the viewpoint of statistics. Some preliminary results.
Yu. Adler, O. Maksimova, and V.Shper

Comparison of Pearson Distribution System and Response Modeling Methodology (RMM) Distribution as Models for Distribution Fitting
Michal Shauly, Haim Shore, Yisrael Parmet

Modelling consumer heterogeneity: The panel mixed logit model versus the scale heterogeneity model
Jie Yu Peter Goos

The Dirichlet model: market of beer and estimation procedures comparison
Francesca Bassi

A study of failure processes in the banking industry using a robust data analysis methodology
Jesus Orbe and Vicente Núñez-Antón

Modelling logistics processes by queues with variable service-rates
Antje Christensen, Florian Sobieczky, Gerhard Rappitsch

DfSS - a new approach
Jonathan Smyth-Renshaw

Using fuzzy measures to consider interaction in queueing processes
Konrad Waelder, Olga Waelder

How to Test for Process Capability Using Cp and Cpk when Data are Autocorrelated
Peder Lundqvist (1) and Kerstin Vännman (1, 2)

Industrial strip-plot designs with a third stage involving easy-to-change factors
Heidi Arnouts; Peter Goos; Bradley Jones

Application of innovative multi-response optimization techniques to manufacturing processes
E. lo Russo, M. Chimienti, M. Dassisti

Representative Driving Cycle Construction for Hybrid Trucks
Koen Staats

Two-stage Segmentation
Marjolein Crabbe and Martina Vandebroek

An extendable Java-based tool for time series analysis
G. Albeanu, H. Madsen, Fl. Popentiu-Vladicescu, Marius Dumitru

Optimality Criterions For The Response Surface Designs
Serpil Aktaş

Optimal Sample Size Determination for the ANOVA Designs
Özge Karadağ and Serpil Aktaş

On the simultaneous identification of location and dispersion effects in unreplicated factorial designs
Corinna Auer Joachim Kunert

Six Sigma tools applied in manufacturing: a case study in an aerospace company
Marrone Roberto Cardinali Mariarosaria

Statistical Models for Risk Management
Ron Kenett Silvia Salini Silvia Figini

Linking consumer's wishes to product specifications
Jan Willem Bikker

Inequality measures for risk management
Paolo Giudici, Pierpaolo Uberti and Silvia Figini

Evaluating the Status of Taguchi Methods in UK Manufacturing Organisations
Jiju Antony, Shirley Coleman, Andrew Thomas

The self-confidence of para-statisticians in manufacturing: a field study
Dermot Hale BE, MIEI and John Sheil MSc, PhD.

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