Funding for George Box

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Message of Ronald Does, 7 August

Results of funding campaign

Our campaign to raise funds for the visit of George Box was very successful. An amount of 5550 euros was collected. The following agencies, institutes, companies and individuals have contributed:

IBIS UvA (the Netherlands)
IMM (Denmark)
CQM (the Netherlands)
Novo Nordisk (Denmark)
MathX (Belgium)
Soren Bisgaard (USA)
Boris Zubert (Germany)
Niels Dekker (the Netherlands)
Ron Kenett (Israel)
Andrew Steeper (UK)
Terry Orchard (UK)
Raffaello Levi (Italy)
John Logsdon (UK)
Edward Roullard (USA)
Gernot Schubert (Austria)
David Steinberg (Israel)
Shirley Coleman (UK)
Anja Schleppe (Germany)
Alberto Roverato (Italy)

ENBIS is very grateful to these persons.

Letter of Ronald Does, 19 June

Dear ENBIS members,

One of the most prominent industrial statisticians of the last century from Europe is George Box. George Box has published nine books and more than 200 research papers. Starting as a chemist Box needed to analyze data from experiments. He sought statistical advice, but none was available, so he taught himself from the available texts. Perhaps because he had to teach himself statistics, George Box became one of the leading communicators of statistical theory to the rest of us. His Statistics for Experimenters, co-authored with Stuart and William Hunter is one of the most highly recommended texts for the field of experimental statistics. Box also wrote together with Jenkins another famous book Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control, which is a practical, readable guide to dealing with time series data.

Short biography of George Box
George E.P. Box was born in October 18, 1919 and raised in England. He served as a chemist in the British Army Engineers during World War II, and after the war he went on to receive his degree in mathematics and statistics from University College. During his tenure with ICI Ltd., Britain's chemical giant in the 1950's, he began working as a visiting professor in the US at the Institute of Statistics at the University of North Carolina. In 1960 he moved to Wisconsin, where he served as the first chairman of the Statistics Department. He received the British Empire Medal in 1946, and the Shewhart Medal in 1968 among others.

ENBIS has asked George Box if he wants to receive and lend his name to the ENBIS award. The Board is honored that George has said yes. He has indicated that he would like to come to Spain if his health would permit it by the time of the conference. At this moment he is doing quite well and we expect that he will come. Because of George's health and age he does not travel without the support of Claire, his wife. Given his age and the discomfort of such a long trip (minimum 12-14 hours with change of planes and security) ENBIS has offered that George and Claire could go business class. For his travel to Barcelona and his stay we need a budget of about 10.000 euros.

As a treasurer I want to start a general fund raising campaign among the members. We all know that ENBIS does not charge a membership fee up to now. Since 2001 it is possible to donate an annual membership contribution. Already four members has responded. Three of them have asked their company to raise some money for this purpose and one has donated personnaly 100 euros. We have now an amount equal to 2600 euros, so 7400 euros is still left. Please send me an email about the possibilities within your company or a personal donation. I want to finalize this before July 1 because this will show that ENBIS is really alive and members are really concerned with ENBIS.

With kind regards

Ronald Does
Treasurer ENBIS