Pre- and postconference workshops


Data Mining

One day workshop.
Date: Tuesday 13th September 2005
Trainer: Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe
Fee: €150

This workshop presents a common sense view on Data Mining and its major methods with a practical example.

The target group for this workshop is industry- and Retail- people, that have a duty to support management with predictions and trends about their business, based on internal data like data from customer loyalty-card programs.

Topics covered in this workshop include:

  • Data Mining: What is it about? Where are the differences to other analytical methods?
  • Data Mining Methods - a general overview, the Data Mining Process – How to find the Nuggets in Data.
  • A practical example based on data from an SME-Company Customer Loyalty Card Program.
  • Using Data Mining Methods to predict buying probabilities
  • Using Data Mining Methods to optimise cross-selling
  • review and end of workshop.

Operational Risk Management

Half day workshop.
Date: Wednesday 14th September 2005, morning
Trainers: Paolo Giudici, Luciana dalla Valle, Dean Fantazzini
Fee: €100

The workshop will present a combination of state of the art models and best banking practices. It will focus on topical issues in the area including:

  • Advanced Basel II requirements.
  • Scorecard models
  • Bayesian models
  • Actuarial models
  • Copulae multivariate models
  • Bayesian network models
  • Simulation based methods

Simulation of Clinical trials

Half day workshop.
Date: Wednesday 14th September 2005, morning
Trainers: Tony Greenfield and Ron Kenett
Fee: €100

We will provide a CD to each person with the MetaGen programs including the training program and with some PowerPoint presentations that we shall use to demonstrate how to introduce clinical trials, purposes, types, necessary information. We shall

  • present a case and ask you to design a clinical trial and discuss the case.
  • Introduce Gen with an example plus training material and work through the Gen training exercise discussing any difficulties.
  • Introduce Meta with an example plus training material, work through the Meta training exercise, develop a Meta model of the case used and discuss any difficulties.
  • Develop protocol in Gen and .discuss any difficulties.
  • Demonstrate export of data to Excel and Minitab and attempt analysis.
  • Make a PowerPoint presentation of MetaGen.and discuss the merits of simulation.
  • Develop a library of distributions and apply the library to a new Meta model.
  • Conclude.

Workshop requirements: Each participant should bring a laptop with a CD drive, Excel, and (if possible) Minitab.

Statistics for Innovation and the Design Process

Half day workshop.
Date: Wednesday 14th September 2005, morning
Trainers: Tony Fouweather and Shirley Coleman
Fee: €100

The use of statistical methods can aid all stages of the manufacturing chain. Statistical thinking streamlines production and improves competitiveness in both domestic and international markets. The workshop will feature 3 presentations from I*PROMS partners dealing with statistical issues that arise with innovation and the design process.

University of Oxford will present one of the projects currently underway in the Department involving statistics to measure structure and dynamics of networks, with supply networks as just one example. The presentation will also look at voting networks and biological networks, with interesting examples from each of these domains.

University of Newcastle upon Tyne ISRU have been solving problems across a wide range of industrial and business sectors over the last twenty years. Three case studies will be presented, describing recent collaborations within the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, other academic institutions throughout Europe and an international company that manufactures compressed air breathing equipment.

Clausthal University of Technology. The Institute has expertise in areas including design methodologies and knowledge management. Applications of statistics in these areas are not very common and ideas for realising the potential can be encouraged by exposure to the I*PROMS community. We will present a case study of a production process and consider how statistics could provide a solution or improvement.

Statistical Consulting Skills

One day workshop.
Date: Saturday 17th September 2005
Trainers: Soren Bisgaard and Sue Ellen Bisgaard
Fee: €150

How do I identify the real problem? Why would a client lie to me? What if I don't know the answer? Why did they hire me if they don't want to do what I tell them to do? Just because it does not appear rational to you does not mean that the client irrational. What does a consulting contract look like? How do I handle confidential information? How do I charge for my services?

Effective consulting involves more than having technical expert knowledge. Every system has a unique culture that may appear to be trying to block you. The goal of this workshop is to help you identify underlying manifestations of resistance and understand some approaches that may help you overcome, intervene and be more effective as a statistical consultant. We will also provide you with a number of practical tips based on our experience gained from consulting in many different industries and cultures.