ENBIS Challenge by JMP

What is the Challenge all about?

No matter what the situation, getting value from real-world data almost always involves the use of software. Any two pieces of software are necessarily different, so the often-heard question "how does software A compare with software B?" can be tricky to address. Probably the only way to make progress towards an answer is to assess the relative utility of A and B in the context of a specific challenge, and in the hands of a specific user, and this realisation is part of the motivation for the ENBIS challenge, which will be issued annually. The other motivation for the challenge is (over time) to gain insights into which textbook approaches to analysis actually prove most useful in the context of real-world data arising from some specifically chosen context or problem domain.

How does it work?

Each year, ENBIS will issue a challenge a few months prior to our autumn conference. Anyone can offer a submission, and details on how to do this are below. All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of three adjudicators from ENBIS, who will jointly decide on which is the best overall.

Why should I bother to participate?

Firstly, because it will be informative and fun. Secondly, (assuming the winner is domiciled in Europe) ENBIS will pay your travel costs, hotel costs and the fee to attend our autumn conference. The winner will also have a fifteen-minute slot in the conference agenda within which they can present their winning submission.

Submission procedure in 2014

In November 2013 ENBIS and JMP relaunched the ENBIS Challenge by JMP.  Full details of the calls are available. Please note the submission deadline of July 31st, 2014! Like every year, the 2014 ENBIS Challenge winner will be invited to give a presentation in a special ENBIS Challenge Session at the annual conference of ENBIS. In September 2014, the winner will travel to Linz (Austria).