Download the Challenge Files

As ENBIS member you are entitled to download these files also for other purposes than taking part in the ENBIS challenge. But please bear in mind that we will assume that anyone who downloads the files before the end of the submission deadline actually wants to take part in the challenge and might be contacted with extra information on the Challenge.


Document title Document summary
ENBIS 11 Challenge Data Set
The file ENBIS_Challenge_2011_Data_Raw.txt is a comma delimited text file that contains the observational data. It’s about 148 MB unzipped and 6 MB zipped, and has 73,730 records and 939 variables. Each record describes the habits and characteristics of an individual user, where ‘user’ is operationalised as a particular cookie that was downloaded by a particular web browser. The data was collected over a certain time period, and note that the web browser may, in fact, have been used by multiple people during this time.