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isENBIS – the ENBIS Local Network in Israel

The isENBIS Mission

We adopted the ENBIS mission statements:

· Foster and facilitate the application and understanding of statistical methods to the benefit of Israeli business and industry

· Provide a forum for the dynamic exchange of ideas and facilitate networking among statistical practitioners (a statistical practitioner is any person using statistical methods whether formally trained or not)

· Nurture interactions and professional development of statistical practitioners regionally and internationally

The founding team

· Dr. Shuki Dror Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, Ort Braude College

· Prof. Ron S. Kenett – KPA Ltd. and University of Torino

· Prof. David M. Steinberg – Department of Statistics and Operations Research, School of Mathematical Sciences, Tel Aviv University

· Prof. Irad E. Ben-Gal – Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University

· Alex Korenev – Hewlett-Packard Company Indigo Division


isENBIS 3 – Bundles Marketing – Yuval Cohen
isENBIS 3 – Conference Program
isENBIS 3 – ENBIS Updates – Ron Kenett
isENBIS 3 – Forecasting Market Diffusion – Diamanta Benson
isENBIS 3 – Market Research in Internet – Mano Geva