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ENBIS Awards

ENBIS has established three awards to give credit to people who have helped to broaden the use of statistics in business and industry:

George Box Medal

The Box Medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to Industrial Statistics. It is named after George Box who was the first recipient of the medal.

Best Manager Award

The Best Manager Award is meant to recognise managers who gave a significant contribution to the success of their companies by advancing the spread and the practice of business and industrial statistics.

Young Statistician Award

The Young Statistician Award is aimed to recognise the work of young people in introducing innovative methods, promoting the use of statistics and/or successfully using it in the daily practice.


Nomination of Candidates

The Call for Nominations is published in the beginning of every calendar year. The Awards Committee is chaired by President-Elect of ENBIS. Nominations should make particular reference to the candidate’s track record with respect to the specific criteria of the award.