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ENBIS Awards Committees

At the end of the annual conference the President appoints the President Elect to chair the committees.

George Box Medal

As Chair the President Elect appoints (generally by October 15th) four Committee members among the most relevant ENBIS members who have not served in a Box Medal Committee in the past three years.

Best Manager and Young Statisticians Awards

As chair of the Committee the President elect appoints three members of the ENBIS Board in their second (and last) year of duty.

BOX Medal Committee 2007:

  • Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe (Chair)
  • Alessandro Di Bucchianico
  • Paul Banens
  • Martina Vandebroek
  • Andras Zempleni

Awards Committee 2007:

  • Andrea Ahlemeyer-Stubbe, Committee Chair
  • Anja Schleppe
  • Tony Greenfield
  • John Tyssedal

Files for the committees

On the following page committee members find some helpful files from the past.