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Photos from ENBIS-19 in Budapest, HungaryPhotos07/11/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Zero Defect Culture is Challenging the Aerospace IndustryPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Filtering and Parameter Estimation in Resistance-Capacitance ModelsPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Evaluating Approximate Point Forecasting of Count ProcessesPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Binary Test in an Antagonistic SituationPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Statistical Engineering: From Practice to TheoryPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Continuous Improvement Deployment Models and Its Relation to Statistical EngineeringPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
My Journey Towards Becoming a Statistical EngineerPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Novelty Detection on Textual Data StreamsPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Stochastically Based Prognostics for Track Deterioration and Multivariate Studies of Fault Correlation between Track and Catenary SystemPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Software to Maximize End-User Uptake of Conformity Assessment with Measurement UncertaintyPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Spatial CART Classification TreesPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Influence of Missing Data on Determining the Number of Components for a PLS Regression on MCAR and MAR MechanismPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster
The Use of Statistical Information in Anticipating and Matching Skills, Demand and Supply – Conceptual and Empirical ConsiderationsPresentation15/10/2019ENBIS Webmaster

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