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Multivariate Approach for start-ups and transition periods analysis and steady state identification in batch processesPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Excel Sheet LNG computations ZemrochPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Multivariate statistical sensitivity analysis of a computer model for pharmaceutical industry market and innovation dPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Quantificationand analysisof the distributionof reliabilitytest durationsPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Analysis of Means (ANOM); An alternative to Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) which is simpler, more illustrative and ofPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Modeling Dependencies in Operational Risk with Hybrid Bayesian NetworksPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Physical Models for the Prediction and Prevention of Dynamic Disturbances In BTA Deep Hole DrillingPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Combining Web Mining and Formal Concept Analysis to Support Web Search Engine RetrievalPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Robust Estimation of Loss Ratio for Korean Automobile InsurancePaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Efficient Evaluation of Batch Homogeneity in Pharmaceutical ProductionPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Is DOE really used? : A survey of Basque IndustriesPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Clusters Detection in Regression Models Applied to a Pollution Risk Evaluation Problem. The L2 ApproachPaper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
DoE – How to choose the right approach?Paper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster
Would Shewhart have developed the same CC-rules today?Paper18/08/2019ENBIS Webmaster

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