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Pierre Harouimi: “Prevention is better than cure: machine learning for predictive maintenance”Webinar05/02/2021ENBIS Webmaster
Yannig Goude: “Adaptive additive models for short-term electricity load forecasting during COVID-19 lockdown”Webinar05/02/2021ENBIS Webmaster
Paolo Giudici and Arianna Agosto: “Fintech Risk Management”Webinar03/02/2021ENBIS Webmaster
Chris Develder: “Data analytics and machine learning applied to the smart grid: Knowing and controlling electric vehicle charging”Webinar10/12/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Pierre Pinson: “Old and New Challenges in Renewable Energy”Webinar10/12/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Ran Jin: “PRIME: A Personalized Recommendation for Information Visualization Methods”Webinar29/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
William Meeker: Seasonal Warranty Prediction Based on Recurrent Event DataVideo04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Allison Jones-Farmer: Personalized Monitoring: Applying Classical Tools to New DataVideo04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Katy Klauenberg: Efficient Sampling Plans for Utility Meter SurveillanceVideo04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Sonja Kuhnt, Shirley Coleman: Hands-On Projects for Teaching DoEDocument04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Antje Christensen: How to Make a Decision Maker HappyVideo04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Raffaele Vitale: Kernel-Based Approaches Combined to Pseudo-Sample Projection for Industrial Applications: Batch Process Monitoring and Analysis of Mixture Designs of ExperimentsVideo04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Lourdes Fernández: New Habits of Statistical Thinking in Industry for a New Area of Data CollectionVideo04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster
Walter J. Radermacher: Statistics, a Matter of TrustVideo04/10/2020ENBIS Webmaster