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 ENBIS-19 group photo

Welcome to ENBIS

Welcome to the website of the European Network for Business and Industrial Statistics (ENBIS), a platform connecting individuals and organisations, interested in theoretical developments and practical applications in the field of business and industrial statistics.

Please note that individual membership in our network has always been free while there is an annual membership fee for our corporate members.

Although our network aims to be a virtual platform, we also believe in face-to-face networking. That is why we organize an annual Spring Meeting and, traditionally every September, our Annual Conference.

In 2015 and 2016, the Spring Meeting took place in Barcelona (Spain).
The 2017 Spring Meeting took place from May 28 to May 30 at the Schlaegl Monastery in Austria. The topic was predictive maintenance and reliability with big and complex data.
The 2018 Spring Meeting was held in Florence from June 4 to 6, 2018, featuring DoE as a main topic.
The 2019 Spring Meeting took place on June 13th and 14th, 2019, in Barcelona (Spain), focusing on Statistical Engineering.

In 2013 the Annual Conference of ENBIS (ENBIS-13) took place in Ankara (Turkey). The event at which we celebrated the International Year of Statistics was as formidable as all our past annual conferences; for example ENBIS-12 in Ljubljana (Slovenia) - you should view the ENBIS-12 Video! For the 2014 Annual Conference, ENBIS-14, the participants travelled to Linz (Austria). The 15th Annual Conference (ENBIS-15) took place in Prague (Czech Republic). ENBIS-16 took place from 11th to 15th September, 2016, in Sheffield (United Kingdom). ENBIS-17 has been a beautiful opportunity to visit Naples (Italy) from 10th to 14th September, 2017. The annual conference ENBIS-18 was held in Nancy (France), from 2nd to 6th September, 2018 - you can see the group photo of participants above. The last conference, ENBIS-19, took place in Budapest (Hungary) from 2nd to 4th September 2019.

In September 2020 ENBIS organized an online conference, due to the postponement of the face-to-face meeting in Valencia. The ENBIS-21 conference is planned as an online conference again.

In 2019, we lost one of our great contributors, Tony Greenfield. He will be deeply missed.


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