ENBIS Webinar Series: Next webinar on October 29

Author: Alessandro Di Bucchianico, Created 2013/08/01 10:41, Last updated: 2013/10/14 09:19

There has for some time been a wish to continue the interactions of the annual conference online in a series of webinars. Now we are ready to launch! You are cordially invited to participate.


We have planned a series of monthly 45 minute long webinars taking place at 12:45-13:30 Central European Time (during summer time this is GMT +2).





Mon 13th May 2013

Roland Caulcutt

Clients don’t think like statisticians

Antje Christensen

Wed 3th July 2013

Antje Christensen

Quality Improvement in Pharma

Shirley Coleman

Mon 30th September 2013 Jacqueline Asscher Using alternative versions of data when teaching using case studies Alessandro Di Bucchianico
Tue 29th October 2013 (12:00-13:00) Ron Kenett and Daniele Amberti A review of basic and computer experiments using hand’s on simulators Antje Christensen

Abstract September 30

This webinar is relevant to teaching statistics using case studies in academia or in industry. A case study based on real data will have one or several data sets, provided either simultaneously or in stages. If we add fictitious data we can choose to give more than one version of the data. In this webinar I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of adopting this option. For example, one major advantage is that it encourages course participants to consider the possible results ("what if...?") when planning the collection of data or designing an experiment. An example from an active learning exercise used in a course on Design of Experiments (DOE) will be shown. In this example, three very different versions of the results of an experiment for cost reduction with a fractional factorial design (25-1×1) are given, and course participants analyze the results and decide what step to take next.


Before the seminar, please sign up using the registration website (see Events on the top-right corner of the ENBIS home page) . Please do so the day before the seminar at the latest. You will receive a link to the meeting space from the moderator/WebEX via e-mail. No installation of software will be necessary; you can join via a link provided in the invitation. At the webinar time, ensure your computer’s audio and video equipment is turned on, open your invitation, and click “join”. You will then automatically join the webinar.


During the webinar, the presenter will have the opportunity to speak uninterrupted for 20 minutes. As attendee, please mute your microphone and use the chat facility to send questions and comments to everyone participating. The moderator will collate the questions and chair a question and answer session at the end of the presentation. The moderator will ensure that the webinar finishes at the end of the 45 minutes.

Technical background

ENBIS have set up a Cisco WebEx account which allows webinars to be presented to a maximum of 25 people at a time. The meetings can be recorded and then shared with anyone through their WebEx account. WebEx has the advantage over Skype that no software has to be installed, WebEx works over the internet.

Your input to the webinar series

We have ideas for further speakers and moderators and invite your suggestions. All comments and suggestions on the setup and plan are welcome.

Please book your place now by contacting



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