International Prize in Statistics

Author: Irena Ograjenšek, Created 2016/06/12 01:34, Last updated: 2016/06/12 01:35

In 2013, five leading statistical societies which launched the International Year of Statistics formed an organization called the International Prize in Statistics Foundation. I serve as the representative from the ISI. The Foundation’s aim is to launch a major international award in Statistics. Initially the Foundation considered the possibility of an award that comes with 1 million dollars in prize money, but fund raising was not easy. The Foundation then considered starting the Prize with funds contributed from the sponsoring societies, and use the launch of the prize to increase visibility and to attract future donors. With the support of all the sponsoring societies, the Foundation has decided to present the first Prize at the 2017 World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute.

A website is now operational, and nominations are open until August 15, 2016. The Prize will recognize the "major achievement" of an individual or team in the field of statistics for a single work or body of work. Not only should powerful and original statistical ideas be recognized by the Prize, but also contributions which lead to breakthroughs in other disciplines or works with important practical effects in the world. The first International Prize in Statistics winner will be announced in October, 2016, and the Prize will be presented at the ISI WSC 2017, and supported by ceremonies and intellectual activities that will enhance the visibility of the award and the importance of statistics. Please visit for more details.


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