Large Engines - Big Data: hunt down the fault at the first LEC Data Challenge!

Author: ENBIS Permanent Office, Created 2019/05/22 19:37

Dear data enthusiast,

Did you know that data analysis is a key factor in developing sustainable solutions for the energy and transportation sectors? That is why we at LEC are constantly on the lookout for innovative approaches and people with talent in this field.

 Show off your data analysis skills and take part in the first LEC Data Challenge:

 Work on a real-world problem

  • Have fun while hunting for faults
  • Be one of the top five and receive an invitation to the 17th symposium “The Working Process of the Internal Combustion Engine”
  • Win attractive prize money

 Interested? Find more information and sign up now at:

 We are looking forward to your participation!

 Your LEC Data Challenge Team


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