Partner Associations

ENBIS is cooperating with the following associations:
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ISBIS is an international society that is dedicated to the promotion of business and industrial statistics worldwide. It is part of a family of international associations that operate under the umbrella of the International Statistical Institute (ISI).
Cooperation between ENBIS and the French Statistical Society (FSS) started at the 2011 Annual Conference of ENBIS in Coimbra (Portugal) with a special session dedicated to discussion of advances in business and industrial statistics in France. In the administrative meeting held in Coimbra representatives of both organizations agreed not only to participate at each other's future events (bENBIS is currently organizing a special ENBIS session in the framework of the FSS's spring conference in Brussels) but also to further strengthen cooperation with (1) promotion of each other's activities through available communication channels and (2) development of joint publications.
TunedIT started in the beginning of 2008 as a scientific doctoral project carried out by Marcin Wojnarski at the University of Warsaw, in cooperation with the Group of Mathematical Logic led by Professor Andrzej Skowron. The goal was to deliver web-based tools - now TunedIT Research - to help data mining scientists conduct repeatable experiments and easily evaluate data-driven algorithms. The Research part was supplemented later on with TunedIT Challenges platform for hosting data competitions - for educational, scientific and business purposes. The purely scientific project evolved subsequently into a spin-off company that not only provides, as before, free research tools for scientists, but also bridges the gap between Science and Industry by connecting innovative companies that seek advanced algorithms, with the community of top data scientists and young talented "data hackers" from tens of different countries and hundreds of universities, gathered in TunedIT.