ENBIS Academic Publications Panel

The mission of the ENBIS academic publications panel of experts is to help ENBIS members who want to publish in academic journals with feedback and directions. The assistance the panel provides is related to content and form. If the English needs to be improved, the panelist will indicate it but he/she are not expected to do the editing.

The process for getting feedback from the panel is as follows:

  1. Formulate a result you want to publish in writing as an abstract or draft paper
  2. Send the file to the panel managing director
  3. The panel managing director will log your entry and send the file to one the experts on the panel
  4. The panel member will respond to the managing director who will forward the response to the author. The response can be anonymous or not depending on the wish of the panel member.

The ENBIS academic panel is designed as a service for the benefit of the ENBIS membership. Access to the panel is therefore restricted to ENBIS members.

Professor Ron S. Kenett is the current panel managing director. All requests should be sent directly to him via email: ron@kpa-group.com.

Please indicate "ENBIS Academic Publications Panel" as the subject of your email.

The current list of panel members includes: David Steinberg, Rainer Goeb, Ron Kenett, Fabrizio Ruggeri, Philippe Castagliola, Peter Goos, Shirley Coleman, Irena Ograjenšek and Martina Vandebroek.