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ENBIS is an autonomous Society having as its objective the development and improvement of statistical methods, and their application throughout Europe, all this in the widest sense of the words. Supporting this goal, we only use the given information to provide you with information in our joint fields of interest in statistics.

To become a part of ENBIS and to benefit from ENBIS all mandatory fields should be provided. The main contact channel will be email. We will send emails to spread news from the world of Statistics and Analytics, and to send invitations to conferences, workshops and webinars. Please reads our Privacy Policy in detail.

By registering to ENBIS you accept our Privacy Policy and that the main contact channel will be the email given in the registration process. As we are an organization of volunteers, please note it might take some time for the webmaster to process your membership request. Thank you for your patience-You can withdraw your membership or given rights to use your data at any time, by writing an email to

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