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Best Manager Award

The Best Manager Award is meant to recognise managers who gave a significant contribution to the success of their companies by advancing the spread and the practice of Statistics in them.

By the deadline set by the Best Manager Award Committee, people can nominate managers or even themselves, provided that at least one person (nominee and/or nominating person) is an ENBIS member. Submissions are possible only in electronic format. The following documents should be submitted:

  • an extended presentation (at least 3 pages, with all relevant evidence, possibly a CV) by at least one ENBIS member .


The Best Manager Award recipient will be invited to the ENBIS annual conference where he/she

  • will deliver a lecture in a session;
  • will receive the award;
  • will be partially reimbursed for his/her travel and stay.

Should the recipient be unable to attend the conference, then the ENBIS president would decide when and where the award should be presented to him/her.